My Mighty Right Hand Preamble

flameIf I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand lose her might! -Psalm 137,  Jewish Bibleflame

My Mighty Right Hand


The Jewish people are still with us in the year, 2017.  Six Million Jews were killed in the Holocaust for no other reason than that they were Jews.

I was a little girl living in Brooklyn, when my father picked me up in his arms, tears streaming from his eyes;  saying all the while: ” Elaine, they are killing our people; They are killing our People!”

My father was a Jew from Warsaw, Poland.  It was Passover of 1939, and the Germans were storming the Warsaw- Ghetto.  The Germans burned it down. However, the prescient Jews were able to crawl  through the sewers of the Ghetto that they had built; and into the tunnels that they had dug, allowing them to escape from the ghetto. They built those tunnels, so that if a time should come when they were attacked, they would be able to survive even if they had to crawl out on their hands and knees!

Why were the Jews ghettoized in Warsaw?! and why didn’t my father, living in America, come to the defense of his family in that Warsaw Ghetto so many years ago?

My father came to America with his parents from Warsaw in 1901 as an infant. His parents spoke Yiddish  and Polish  only, and he was the oldest of ten children.  My father’s mother, my grandmother, Bessie, had three sons serving in the second world war.  One son, was  a Captain in the Artillery.He was killed!  My father was too old to be drafted,  he was married and the father of three at the time of the second World War, so he was spared.

American Jews were patriotic.They were also  powerless  in the 40’s. to help their brethren in Europe. Therefore, Hitler and his minions were able to shoot, stab, and cremate some six million Jews!  In 1940, Jews began to know or fear what President Roosevelt already knew; that in Europe, Jews were being killed because they were Jews!  Jews in the United States were afraid to help European- Jews because they feared retaliation.  They feared  that they would be killed or imprisoned next.  Why should they survive while their families were being killed.  They felt powerless to prevent the catastrophe that was unfolding against their people!.

In the War- years  Jews were banned from getting rooms in certain hotels.  They were not allowed to be members of  certain golf-courses, or Country-Clubs.   Jews  couldn’t  live in certain neighborhoods. Jews were not able to get jobs in certain industries. There was a quota for Jewish young people  entering  colleges!


The Church  believed that Jesus was killed by  the Jews, because he started a new religion.  Jesus was an Essene- Jew and a Rabbi, performing good deeds as a Jew until his death.

In the middle ages, during the Crusades, (1099-1187) when the knights from England, France and Germany  went to battle with the Turks in the East; to wrest  Jerusalem from the Infidels, the Christian knights went through the midlands of England and France, killing and burning  the Jews that they met along the way.  They saw Jews as Infidels,  not Christians  The Knights and their entourages passed through Europe, until they came to the Holy Land, where they fought the Arabs and won for Christianity.


After the Crusades, in Europe in the High Middle Ages the Jews were expelled from England, Spain and Portugal; In 1492 when Christoper Columbus set sail for the new world, the Jews were being expelled from Spain in that same year. The navigator of Christoper Columbus’s boat was a Jew. ”

In 1948 there was a vote taken by all  of the countries in the United Nations  which cemented Britain’s  Balfour Declaration allowing Israel to become a state with a portion of land for a ‘Palestinian’ State as well.

Two weeks After Israel was declared a state by the United Nations. The Arab Countries in the  surrounding areas  attacked Israel. This was THE WAR of 1948  in Israel.  It was called the War for INDEPENDENCE.   Miraculously, Israel won!


In 1948, Israel was attacked  by the contiguous Arab Countries because  they didn’t want a Jewish State next to them.  The’ Palestinians’ were Arabs living in the Holy -land , before Israel became a state.  They adopted the  name that the residents of Jordan were given  in Old Testament times; ‘Palestinians.’ These’ Palestinians’ did not want to share the land with the Jews. They felt the Jews were  European -usurpers, and only recently come to Israel.  The ‘Palestinians’ didn’t care about the ancient History of Israel in which the Jews lived in Palestine before the fall of the 1st Temple (585 B.C.E.) and then the 2nd Temple(332 B.C.E.)   There was always the presence of Jews in Israel; and then there was no going back for those who had left; they had gone to live in the Diaspora.

In 1967; the Arabs attacked again;  This time, not only did  Israel win but they also won back JERUSALEM, their ancient capital!

Today, the Jews through inventiveness and miraculous business acumen have created modern day miracles, they drained the swamps, planted trees, desalinated rivers,  and killed  the swamp infested air-born creatures; that caused  Diphtheria, Typhoid and Typhus.  Israel made the land fertile and the flowers grow.

Israel today/a land of milk and honey 


The Arabs living inside Israel are  the richest middle-class Arabs in the word!

The Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza are radicalized after 69 years of  anti-Israeli anger. They seek to kill the  Israelis; and continue to attack; women, children, and  soldiers, whenever and wherever they are.  They will not acknowledge the existence  of the  State of Israel.  They teach their children and young people hate for the Israelis.

The majority of the Muslim people, living in Muslim -lands are governed by Potentates, Autocrats and Clerics.The plain  People in Arab- lands live lives of hard work, sickness and poverty.

There are more Muslims living today in Europe and America than were living there in 1945.  Those Muslims living in Europe and America today  are subject to radicalization by groups like ISIS and EL QUAEDA.


Since 1936 the Palestinians were offered a State of their own Five Times and they rejected it five  times.

First Refusal: The British Empire in 1936; through the Peel Commission offered the Arabs a State of their own next to an Israeli State. Of the disputed lands 80% was offered to the Arabs and 20% to Israel. Israel accepted this proposition. The Arabs refused.

Second Refusal- In November of 1947, the United Nations offered to divide the disputed territories into two states. The Israelis accepted. The Arabs refused & fought with Israel. Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq went to war with Israel.

Third Refusal- In 1967 in the 6- Day- war, Israel fought with Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Fourth Refusal- In 2000, Ehud Barak offered Yassar Arafat 94% of the West Bank & all of Gaza; the Arabs refused after which came Suicide- Bombings and  the Intifada.

Fifth Refusal

2008 , Ehud Olmer, Mamud Abbas-Offer was 94% of the West- Bank- Israel Gave back Gaza. Gaza became a Terrorist base

Now the Question is: Will the Palestinians finally accept a Jewish State of Israel?

They have to accept a Jewish State, before they can have a State of their own!



Today, in America, Jews  live  the good- life that was denied the Jews of Europe. Most  Jews are firmly in the middle- class, and if they have children;  they send their children to College.

When Jewish young people go to College  for their  higher education they are assailed by the Muslim students there; as well as Jews and Christians who are firmly on the ‘Left’.  The Muslim students are protected by  offices on Campus for Middle-Eastern -Studies funded by Arab States, like Iran.

Today, Arab- students  in colleges across America  are living the middle-class dream, while Arab- men in totalitarian Arab lands are working at low -paying jobs, their  women are  behind veils and generally not working or going to school.

The Muslims students are attacking the Jewish students,  as well as the Christian students.  The Christian Students are trying to protect the Jewish students, especially the ‘Fundamentalist-Christians; who know more about Jewish-History than the Jewish students!  The Arabs call the Christian and Jewish Students ‘infidels.’ and worse! AMERICAN JEWISH STUDENTS ARE BEING ATTACKED ON THE COLLEGE CAMPUSES TODAY.’ The Jewish and Christian Students are being of accused of being in league with the Israelis, who  according to the Muslim students, have robbed the Palestinian people of their autonomy and imprisoned them in their own land.  The Arab students accuse the American- Jewish students   (as being surrogates of the Israelis) occupying  Arab -lands, and enslaving the Palestinian people!

This Anti-Semitism  has gone on for almost ten years, and has grown worse.  The American- Jewish student  is not interested in fighting or confronting  attackers. They came to college to study. Most of them are not conversant with  Israeli- Politics. Many of them have never met an Israeli. They know little about Israel and only want to be left alone. They are afraid.


The Jewish College students are intimidated!    Their parents don’t know what to tell them.  The parent- generation has made every effort to minimize their Jewishness, and now their children are unable to respond to threats and intimidation directed at Jews!

What Is Being Done?!!!

“My Mighty Right Hand.”

 The “Mighty Right Hand” Organization  will initiate Two For- Credit Courses at the ‘International School’ of ORANIM( A Teaching-College) in Tivon, Israel which will seek  by these two Courses in the summer of 2018 to re-claim the role of the American Jewish and Christian Students on the College Campuses in the United States.

The Jewish  students have to  learn the true reasons for the  historic situation that confronts them.    They have to answer their accusers, and accuse in turn those bullies,who malign them  and their Israeli counterparts.  The Jewish Students have to confront the Arab Students with the truth.  The Jewish -Students have to face these assured Arab- Students and ask them where they get their distorted information from.  And when the  Arab- students don’t like the answers they get  and physically try to attack the Jewish Students; the Jewish -students must be prepared to defend themselves!


  • AT ORANIM COLLEGE IN ISRAEL;  COURSES WILL BE TAUGHT ABOUT THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL and CURRENT EVENTS LEADING TO THE PRESENT SITUATION;  Leadership, and Self Defense as well as  Crav Maga and emergency -medical- training will be taught.  These Christian and Jewish students will also mingle with Israelis of their ages and find out about the brave and courageous young men and women who are fighting their own battles in Israel.  The  Oranim Summer School